Time for fun

I love baking. Not just like….not just ‘oh it’s fun’….. I seriously love it.  I really like cooking too but not as much as I love baking.

It’s the look on people’s face when they take that first bite of something you have created. Eyes light up and then close shut, slowly the person sinks into a euphoria of comfort as the flavours register.  Perhaps it’s only for a few seconds but I love the high of providing that moment for people.

As much as I love people’s enjoyment of food, I equally adore the creativity it allows. Sitting down and imagining the different possibilities as I conjure up combinations and experiment. I am fearless in the kitchen. In some ways, the development of this intuition has spilled over into my life and overall confidence. I trust my gut and even when things don’t go perfectly, I completely believe and trust my ability to reformulate and try again. And usually, amazing things happen.

I don’t know when this journey began, it’s something I am sure will come out as I write and think and cook and bake. Hopefully, this story will be unveiled here in these pages and others can travel and adventure with me as I plan to share my heart with each post and picture of my food and creations.

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