Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

After making my Nutella Banoffee Pie, I had some leftover Nutella and was trying to think of something simple and fun to do for my hubby. We recently made some chocolate chip cookies for a friend so I still had some little dough squares in the fridge and decided to combine the two – couldn’t be simpler but definitely delicious.

Use your thumb to turn the chocolate chip cookie dough squares into little bowls.

 Dollop a small amount of Nutell into the center of the cookie bowl

 Gently fold over the  sides of the cookie dough, squishing the Nutella into the center and almost reforming the square. It should not be completely covered but the chocolate hazelnut goodness should ooze over the top of the cookie dough. Follow the baking instructions on the cookie packet.

Once nicely golden brown, remove from the oven and let them cool for about 20 minutes before entering Nutella cookie bliss.

4 thoughts on “Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. I know your love for Nutella, and you are the one who got me and dale to try it for the first time and we thank you ! BUT…… i have discovered something that will give Nutella a run for its money. I was roaming Wally-world last week and was detained by one of the sample ladies.

    She was giving out samples of something i had never heard of called “Biscoff Spread” (the brand name is Lotus)

    She asked me if i had ever had Nutella before and i said yes, and she said i would like this even better, and lo-and-behold she was correct ! This sink is full of spoons, as we keep opening the cabinets and eating a spoonful and tossing it into the sink ! LoL

    So if you have never tried this you must !

    • John’s Dad actually introduced it to us and I agree it’s amazing! The funny thing is I don’t know how else to eat other than with a spoon! I bet there are some interesting recipes on Pinterest- maybe that should be an upcoming post soon! Ways to use Biscoff spread! I have to say though, chocolate hazelnut is one of my first loves so I might still be a Nutella junkie!

  2. I would think you could make some sort of cookie out of it. Instead of peanut butter use the Biscoff perhaps ? We tried it on whole wheat waffles and it was YUMMY ! Off to Pinterest i go ! haha

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