Dance Puppets!!

It’s not the most wholesome show by any means but Family Guy does have some hillarious moments. Although I am not as huge of a fan as I used to be, the first few episodes still make me laugh out loud in an undignified uncontrollable sort of way! You know…those moments when something is so funny that your face contorts in a way that removes any evidence that you are in fact pretty (or even a lady), and the sound coming out of your mouth (and nose) confirms Darwin’s Theory of Evolution! For me, these scenes usually revolve around Stewie and his malevolent ravings.

My husband attended a very small high school where the students all knew each other and were pretty close so he and three other guys from various grades became great friends. To this day they still spend time together and as each one got married, us wives were adopted into the group. I love them all very dearly and we have shared some incredibly fun times. Our love of Family Guy is one of many things we have enjoyed together. We quote it extensively at each other (even when it only remotely applies) it just never gets old or overused in our eyes. So when one of the wives asked me to make her husband a Stewie cake as a surprise for his birthday, it was a great celebration for all of us! She chose this particular Stewie expression from her husband’s favourite key chain and it certainly captures our maniacal Family Guy friend at his most amusing moments. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed making it and presenting it to our friend for his birthday. (I may have even watched a few of my favourite episodes for inspiration while the cake was in the oven!)

2 thoughts on “Dance Puppets!!

  1. WoW ! i remember this like it was yesterday ! LoL. It looks exactly like the key chain i gave you to go by. I wish i had a pic of the keychain to share with your readers so they could see, but trust me folks it is perfect ! Dale was very surprised and i thank you for that moment !

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