Pancake Week – Bacon Chocolate Chip

What a way to end the week! I know what you’re thinking? Chocolate and bacon….in a pancake? Maybe the bacon and pancake make sense if you like to have the whole breakfast platter….it’s not completely absurd to take a bite of bacon and then some pancake. But chocolate and bacon? When my brother and husband approached me with the idea to try and make these one Christmas, I too thought it was rather crazy. It’s not the first time this combination has come up. My sister in law introduced us to it in the form of a candy bar with smooth silky chocolate and crunchy little pieces of salty bacon. It was surprisingly tasty but I am not the biggest bacon fan much to the hubby’s disappointment so I still wasn’t sold on the idea that these pancakes would be for anyone else’s benefit but their own. However, I was very wrong! These were an instant success….a delectable triumph! Everyone who has eaten them since has been pleasantly surprised and actually rather shocked (as I was) to find them so moreish. Obviously this is not your every weekend pancake if you are being healthy but once you’ve tried them,they will become your go to pancake indulgence. In fact, I was so sold on the chocolate bacon combo after this, that I made them in brownie form too for some of my more adventurous friends.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancakes

 Cook about 7 strips of bacon until crispy, break into very small chunks and set aside. Ladle out a portion of batter onto your griddle pan over low heat and then sprinkle dark chocolate chips and the bacon bits over top. Do not use fake bacon bits (or even the ‘real’ store bought bacon pieces) as they don’t have the same texture or flavour. I haven’t tried turkey bacon because John is completely anti-‘facon’ so I can’t recommend either way but I am curious enough to attempt it one day when he is not around!

I prefer dark chocolate in general but you can use semi-sweet if you like your chocolate a little sweeter.

The key with making these is letting the batter cook through fairly well before flipping at the last minute just to brown the other side. If you flip the pancake too soon, the chocolate will burn while the pancake is cooking and become very bitter. You have to serve these with real maple syrup. Trust me when I say the maple flavour is the hidden gem in this recipe and if you’re going to indulge in these pancakes, you should to do it right or not at all! 🙂

And so concludes our pancake week…. just in time for the weekend! I hope you have been inspired to try some of the pancake variations or more so come up with your own favourite combinations. The options are endless once you are armed with a great pancake batter and the knowledge to cook them perfectly.

Happy pancaking everyone!

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