A Happy Valen-bacon-tine!

If you have spent even five minutes with my husband and I, you will know that we don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to be romantic and mushy! However, we do have a long standing tradition of surprising each other for special occasions. Yesterday as we sat at our local park munching on Brie and grapes we reminisced about all the various birthdays, anniversaries and valentine’s adventures, remembering how fun it has been to prepare secret reservations, bake or cook delicious treats, plan exciting trips, and find new creative words to express our care and love.

So as a tribute to my sweet love, I am posting the treats I have made for him the past two Valentines.

bacon roses close

The first is from last year. I had been in the habit of buying John Reeses cups or Jelly Beans (which are his favourite) on Valentine’s and decided that it just wasn’t fun or exciting enough anymore! Seeing as this was the same year we started making bacon chocolate chip pancakes, I knew I wanted to make something with the same flavour profile. There was Pinterest to the rescue. I searched ‘bacon gifts’ and came across Bacon Roses. This immediately inspired to make them with the small twist of adding chocolate.

bacon roses

I couldn’t find any other easy directions (or at least ones that don’t involve murdering a muffin pan using a drill) and as it was a very last minute decision, I just scrunched up and shaped foil into little cups in order to cook the bacon in the oven. Once they were cooled, I dipped the bottoms in chocolate and put them on the grilling skewers I had on hand.

He was blown away and delighted!

salted caramel whisky trufflesThis year, I was really at a loss when suddenly Pinterest came to the rescue again (are you noticing a theme?!) with Salted Caramel Whiskey Truffles, and once again it seemed only right to add bacon somewhere! The recipe called for a dusting of cocoa powder at the end so I made three different varieties- one plain, one mixture of cocoa powder and cayenne pepper and another mixture of cocoa and crushed crispy bacon bits.

salted caramel whisky truffles

Needless to say, they were all a big hit.The biggest compliment I received was when John had no interest in ordering dessert at the swanky restaurant last night because he preferred to go home and eat his truffles! Even if he is biased, I love that man!

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