About the Storyteller

I was made for the arts. For deep thinking, analysis, and creating. I am passionate and easily inspired. I am not your jump up and down, shout it from the roof tops kind of person but when I am inspired, I ponder and explore and get obsessed, feeling deeply about something. I see connections everywhere. All connections have meaning and as a result, nothing sneaks past me without some musings and wonderings. I love the arts, the meanings and connections all waiting to be found and unraveled.

One of these loves is Story. I think there is so much human truth in stories; the way people tell them, how it changes the characters and the readers/listeners, how it reveals and teaches about vulnerability as well as great strength all in the same moment. In my life, my obsession with story has shown itself through my studies as an English Lit major and later as an English teacher. It is why I also love the theatre (acting, writing and directing). I think we all find something to connect with in every story which is why they form such a huge part of our lives on a daily basis; not just in books but on every billboard, commercial, TV show, movie and most of all at every interaction with another fellow human if we are paying attention.

I also love food. Like story, it also can show deep truths about our cultures and human existence.  Sharing food demonstrates intimate connection. You are sacrificing resources  but you’re also revealing a part of your identity which in turn means extending trust to someone whom you sometimes don’t even know well. Wonderful things happen when talking about food with others, either through exchanging opinions on restaurants, recipes, or even actual tastings and pot lucks. I think it’s because we connect with the stories behind these interactions, we can’t help but bring up what we used to eat at Grandma’s or talk about how the smell of cinnamon reminds you of a family dish every Christmas. Suddenly, just from the bite of say a cookie, you are identifying with another person in a new deeper way. I love that food can do all this and I think it has guided all my kitchen adventures from a young age.

And so, as your storyteller, I hope that you will get to know more about me through reading about these dishes and my thoughts on food. Obviously there is a lot more about who I am, where I am from, but for now, I will leave all that to be pieced together as you follow my edible life.


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