The Best Moment Award


Here are the rules:

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2. Link back to the person who nominated you

I was so chuffed to be nominated for the Best Moment Award by Mimi’s Getting Fit. She is truly an inspirational woman who has lost almost 70 lbs in the past year and a half, and has become a tower of physical strength. Her honest look at life, weight loss, food and body image has been such a joy to follow. I highly recommend checking out her story.

3. State 7 things about yourself

1- Although I am not a big Christmas movie person, every year I have to watch Love Actually, and The Muppet’s Christmas Carol!

2- I am in the process of starting up my own baking side business. Lots to still do but I am excited about the journey ahead.

3-I think of London every day. Even though I love my life here in the States and would probably never want to move back permanently, I will always be a Londoner at heart.

4- I am just under 5ft and my husband is 6ft 5! Yes, it’s a big difference but it means I get the best bear hugs! Also people remember us wherever we go and this has lead to all kinds of special regular-customer treatment at various eateries.

5- I have now visited more States than I have countries in Europe.

6- I love Zumba! In fact, I just love dancing in general. Wish I could find a fun night club where people actually go for the music and dancing instead of all the other stuff.

7- I still love McVities Jaffa Cakes after all these years! Despite the fact that I turn my nose up at Little Debbie and Hostess Cakes (sorry US friends!) there is just something so familiar and sentimental attached to those little round chocolate-covered-spongecake buggers! All my baking snobbery melts into a shameful entire-pack-eating binge!

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Origins of a foodie

Everyone has that one person who pushed them from a simple eater to a true food explorer. For me that one person was my brother. Although 5 years apart in age, and living on separate continents, we are extremely close and the first hour of our catch-up conversations revolve around food (and then usually another hour of discussion about TV shows and movies!). I don’t know that I can pinpoint the exact moment when we moved into the realm of foodies but I can clearly remember that he was always willing to try anything as a kid; lamb’s brain and eye balls, squid cooked in ink,  various animal parts ground, seasoned and wrapped in intestines; and he was always eager that others should do the same. It is not surprising that his food journey has led him to deeply fall in love with places like Japan, and as much as I would love for him to live near me, I know in his heart, he could never leave the culinary excitement and adventure of a big city like London.

And, I don’t blame him when there are places like Borough Market at London Bridge to explore your every specialty food indulgence. My husband and I were treated to a day of wondering, sampling and purchasing with my big brother and we had a blast! I am not sure if every person who stepped down off the bus with us had originally planned to go to the market, or if they were helplessly seduced by the aromas wafting into the streets above, but as one unified mass, we all eagerly bustled into the culinary oasis together.

Borough Market

After all, who could resist. The market sports all kinds of masterly crafted cheeses, meats, chocolate, freshly shucked oysters and clams, baked goods, olive oils, vinegars, micro brewery beers and fresh produce not to mention all the stands weekly conjuring up delicious meals to feed the already mesmerized (and sometimes free sample stuffed) crowds.

.Here are just some of the stands we stopped at to indulge:

oysters and clamsFresh oysters and clams served with Tabasco and sherry vinaigrette.

cheese soaked in red wine

A sampling feast of the Italian L’ubriaco Drunk Cheese. Cheese aged and soaked in Wine-how can that be bad?!


Artisan du Chocolat. Probably my favourite stop along the way. My brother bought one of their incredible boxes  with a creative selection of chocolates which he generously shared with us later that evening. (Also, for about $5 you can buy a bag of their misshapes and try a variety of their treats at half the price). Did you notice the Tobacco dark bar?

olive oilA unique olive oil blend from Oliveology. We all know how I feel about good olive oil…so yes.. I did want to just drink this!

duck confit sandwichesA tasty duck confit sandwich for lunch with some mulled wine.

the marketWhat a perfect Christmas season trip on a chilly wintery day. This really is just a very tiny sampling of the incredible vendors we enjoyed. I have never had such a difficult time making a lunch choice! Honestly you can’t beat a trip to Borough Market if you love food.  I am so grateful for all the ways my brother keeps expanding my culinary experiences. If there is anyone to blame (thank) for my grumbling belly- it’s him!